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Sustainable recycling of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the driving force behind powering smartphones, electric cars, e-bikes and many other devices. At a time when mobile communications, electric vehicles and DIY markets are growing, the use of lithium-ion batteries is also increasing rapidly. At the same time, the production of lithium-ion battery cells is increasing significantly.

Amidst this upsurge, the sustainable recycling of batteries from manufacture to end-of-life has become an increasingly important global issue. But for us at Redux Recycling, this is not a problem, it is our passion. As a full service, we undertake the recycling of all battery manufacturing waste, as well as all types of lithium-ion batteries. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to achieve high recycling rates, already exceeding the upcoming Battery Regulation targets.

At Redux Recycling, our goal is to create an environmentally friendly future by preserving and reusing the valuable resources of lithium-ion batteries. With our leading recycling technology and holistic approach, we make a significant contribution to conserving natural resources and promoting a sustainable circular economy.

Your Professional and Reliable Partner

Redux offers a professional and reliable service, including receipt or collection and recycles all types of lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable batteries. We provide our customers with advice along the whole of the battery value chain, assist with safe transport and professional storage and process your batteries in line with our Zero Waste vision.

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