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Saying "no" is not the answer: We accept all types of batteries (waste codes) - whether they are alkaline manganese, zinc carbon or nickel metal hydride batteries. Batteries are necessary to power your home or factories, however, their contents have a negative impact on the environment - unless they are professionally disposed of and recycled. We can do that fpr you!

Thanks to our years of experience and technical expertise, we can accept all types of batteries. Moreover, we have developed a special recycling process for each type of battery and the different battery chemistries. Thus, we retrieve for example over 90% of valuable substances from alkaline manganese batteries - a rate we are proud of.

That's what we can do: Accept. Sort. Recycle.


We accept all types of batteries like alkaline manganese, zinc carbon or nickel metal hydride batteries. We are logistically easy to get in an out of - either by truck, train or ship. If you want to collect and ship batteries, we provide special containers for rent or sale. Whatever your question, our experts are happy to help.


We offer high-speed and accurate sorting. Nearly 20.000 tonnes of batteries annually are sorted automatically an manually at our sites. Thanks to specifically developed systems, we achieve a throughput of 120,000 batteries per hour. Such speed does not compromise quality. Despite a high level of speed, our sorting accuracy exceeds 90%.


We achieve maximum recycling efficiency and implement the most innovative processes for recycling. Thanks to intensive research and development, we can for example retrieve more than 90% of valuable substances from alkaline manganese batteries. This ensures fair prices for our customers and preserves resources.

Zero Waste

Zero Waste is only a stone’s throw away. Intensive research work, leading-edge technology, and our experienced and committed staff make our vision of a closed-loop recycling system more and more realistic. We have developed innovations that enable us to achieve recycling efficiencies of 93% in the case of portable batteries.

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