Lithium-Ion Batteries

Our job starts when your electric car breaks down or your mobile stops working.

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Lithium-ion batteries deliver power to smartphones, electric cars and E-bikes and make cordless screwdrivers a powerful tool. With mobile communication, E-vehicles and DIY being growth markets, demand for lithium-ion batteries is on the rise, too.

Discussing disposal is becoming increasingly important, but you can sit back and relax. We offer a complex service including the disposal and recycling of lithium-ion accumulators. Thanks to our leading-edge technology, we achieve recycling efficiencies between 60% and 70%.

That’s what we can do: Collect. Discharge. Dismantle. Recycle.


Let’s put it in just a few words: Give them to us now! We take care of your lithium-ion accumulators – from the point of collection to recycling. Therefore, we offer individual solutions tailored to your needs to collect lithium-ion batteries from your site. Please contact us for a personal and helpful service.


A lot of in-house expertise is required to take this important step. Redux has found a way to use the energy released when discharging batteries and feed it into the power grid. Thus, we can save energy and keep the recycling loop at its highest level.


In order to efficiently recycle lithium-ion batteries, they need to be properly dismantled after discharge. Only then can they be recycled to the maximum extent possible.


Many individual steps – one solution: Thanks to modern recycling methods, a maximum of valuable substances like stainless steel, aluminium, copper, plastic and active material can be retrieved from the cells of each lithium-ion battery. For best results, we separate casings, electronics and modules and treat them carefully. Recycling each individual battery thereby reflects our long-standing research: We not only retrieve valuable raw materials to the maximum extent possible but also guarantee maximum safety for our customers and the environment.

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